Lake Superior Cleaners - Dry Cleaning | Superior, WI

If it's made of fabric, chances are, we can clean it. Lake Superior Cleaners is dedicated to restoring your materials to their natural state of beauty. Good dry cleaning prolongs the life and integrity of your clothes and fabrics.


We are northern MN & NW WI's largest dry cleaning company. We have multiple drop off and pick up locations with regular scheduled routes to serve the Northern MN, NW Wisconsin, and Michigan's Upper Pennisula.


Our mission is to provide the highest quality laundry service, meeting the most stringent of standards in a timely, efficient manner to the customers we serve.


We have several facilities and offer extended weekday hours. Drop your things off before 9:00 AM at any one of our shops and get your stuff back before closing. If you bring in your garments after 9:00 AM we have a 24-HOUR turnaround time.


Lake Superior Laundry's history dates back over one hundred years when it began providing laundry services in Superior, Wisconsin to the Great Lakes shipping industry. Since that time it has grown to include laundry plants in Pine City, MN, Superior, WI, and Ironwood, Michigan. These plants serve the dry cleaning needs for residents in northern Minnesota, northwest Wisconsin and the UP of Michigan.


Please note that we do no tailoring, no alterations, no leather cleaning.  We can accept the items, but leathers are sent to another company for cleaning as well as alteration and tailoring needs.

Clothing, upholstery, and much more

• Wedding dresses

• Bridal gowns

• Prom dresses

• Suits

• Tuxedos

What we clean

Our dry cleaners are professional and experienced for your peace of mind. We only use green cleaning products.


• Dress shirts

• Jackets

• Comforters

• Bulk bedding

• Drapes

• Curtains

• Rugs

• Halloween costumes

• Delicate fabrics

• Not sure if we clean it? Just ask!

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