Lake Superior Cleaners - Dry Cleaning | Superior, WI

Lake Superior Cleaners understands that not all stains can be removed; however, we take great pride in our spot busting success rate. Don't throw away your mucky clothes but bring them to us, and watch the magic happen.


We use our industrial strength cleaning methods combined with environmentally-safe detergents to help lift the grime out of your garments. Then, we dry-clean your clothes for an added boost of dirt zapping cleanliness.

Don't let a stubborn stain ruin your clothes

Know that we offer a number of drop-off and pick-up locations for you to bring your soiled linens and clothing to. You can view our list of locations by clicking HERE.


When you need superior dry cleaning, call us!


Conveniently located

For your convenience, we offer extended weekday hours at any one of our several locations.



Do you need stains and spots lifted from your fabrics? Call:

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